iConic Packaging

Where can you as an entrepreneur make even more improvements in the unbeatable quality of your products? An issue that many bioplastic companies are dealing with is; compostable packaging size. Research shows that consumers look increasingly critical at the different characteristics of products such as energy values, (artificial) additives and how products are manufactured and packaged. BioHart gives companies the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition. Besides the big difference you can make by using bioplastic, BioHart has unlimited opportunities for Iconic Packaging or the custom design and development of packaging through smart design and a unique design.

iconic Packaging Program

BioHart develops 100% environmentally friendly packaging within 3 steps.

The Iconic Packaging Program of BioHart is the responsible way to switch to environmentally friendly and compostable packaging.

BioHart has a conditioned laboratory where packs are tested using modern testing techniques and the proper scientific interpretation of biomaterials. The intensive cooperation with various partners from science, technology, industry and SMEs allows BioHart to have all the necessary knowledge to design and manufacture bioplastics in a unique way.

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Our responsibility
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The green vision
Share your green vision and distinctive substance with your relations

Raw & renewable
Made from environmentally friendly and inexhaustible raw materials

Dependence on fossil fuels
Reduces the need for fossil fuels

100% Compostable
All packages are EN13432 certified and 100% compostable

Green made easy
Easily to dispose in the organic waste container

100% Compatible
Suitable for all business applications