BioHart company profile

Since 2008, BioHart has been the producer of bioplastics. The market has undergone significant developments over the past few years, particularly thanks to extensive research. This has put BioHart in a position to offer the right solutions for the sustainable production of plastic.

All BioHart products are 100% compostable, and therefore minimize the impact on the environment. Demand for these products is rising steadily, both from consumers and suppliers. In order to meet the urgent demand for solutions, BioHart must make active efforts to research and broaden its opportunities. Current technology is already enabling BioHart to lead the way in the field of biological/compostable packaging, trays, bottles, foil etc.
In short, BioHart can fulfil your need for corporate social responsibility, while allowing you to benefit from the latest technology and innovation.

The future of plastic

BioHart has secured a unique position on the global bioplastics market by developing its own unique technology, which uses organic, sustainable and ethical raw materials such as maize, to offer a completely biodegradable alternative to the current generation of conventional polyesters.

The entire process represents a revolutionary way of integrating the science of organic innovation into commercial and industrial productivity. The result is a broad range of short-term achievements and cost benefits, in addition to long-term benefits for the environment and sustainability.

BioHart offers a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics and guarantees a significant reduction in the burden placed on the environment in an eco-friendly manner.

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