Design and manufacture

If you are looking for tailor-made packaging, then BioHart is the company for you.

The modern testing techniques and well-founded scientific interpretation of biomaterials give BioHart great opportunities for offering tailor-made solutions.

We are well aware of the importance of high-quality business operations. In many cases, new sustainable environment-based developments and production processes only progress into practice once bridges have been built between science, product development and the consumer, and a healthy balance has been created between ‘cross-border’ economic, ecological and social responsibilities.


BioHart has secured a unique position on the global bioplastics market by developing its own unique technology, which enables the manufacture of fully biodegradable products. An alternative to conventional maize-based plastics, which have not been genetically modified. Unlike other bioplastics companies that use organic materials, but for which the polymers are still developed in refineries.

The entire process represents a new way of integrating the science of biological innovation into commercial and industrial productivity.

BioHart formulations are made from modified starch, combined with other polymer and non- polymer ingredients, softening agents and technical additives.

Organic sheet & container production line

Auto prositive-pressure molding machine
Professional machine for turning sheets into high bioplastic. This machine can turn sheets in 300-600mm wide and 0.3 to 2.5mm thick. Suitable for packaging and also suitable for producing cups.


Injection mold machine
This machine is suitable for products to be produced by injection. For a quality finish with a reliable operating system.

Twin screw granulator
These machines are made for film production. Very suitable for injection. Production 6T/line.



Extrusion model car
There are two variants of this model. The 75 - and 95 models. The operating system OMRON provides an automated, stable and reliable production. The maximum width is 1300mm, the maximum thickness is 2.2mm and the precision is 0.02mm.


Car negative pressure molding machine
This advanced machine is a fully automatic vacuum molding machine. Fast production with very high precision. Maximum length is 1200mm, maximum width 680mm and maximum depth is 60mm.



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