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What is bioplastics?

The increasing environmental awareness, makes bioplastic gaining enormously in popularity. But what exactly is Bioplastic and why is there a huge demand for this?

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Bioplastics versus traditional plastic:

Bioplastic is produced green and therefore the environment is much less taxed than traditional plastic. Petroleum used in traditional plastic is what causes many harmful emissions. And another drawback of traditional plastics is that a lot of this comes into nature after use. Bioplastic production is green and if there is contact with nature, then the decomposition process begins so that plastic will never roam for years with all its consequences.

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BioHart only produces bioplastic of natural resources which all advantages over traditional plastic, preserved. We take pride offering bioplastics products where the highest mechanical properties are guaranteed by years of research and applying the latest techniques. We distinguish two types of bioplastics at BioHart. Biodegradable plastics and biobased plastics.

Compostable plastic

As the name implies, this form of plastic is 100% compostable. There are many products to come up with compostable plastic adds value. Compostable bags is just one example. This type of plastic is currently the greenest available plastic with the least harm to the environment.

biobased Plastic

Besides fully compostable products BioHart also produces bio-based products. BioHarts biobased products are usually produced from starch, cellulose, bacterial fatty acid, lactic acid, etc. Unlike compostable products, the organic content that is used is less, but decreasing the harm to the environment is still enormous.

Biobased plastic is in our view an excellent replacement for traditional plastic. Vegetable raw materials replace chemical raw materials without loss of mechanical properties.
Of course these findings are supported by the European EN-13432 certificates as well as the American ASTM D6866 certificates.


The application possibilities are virtually endless. By years of experience with the right expertise we will handle all kind of challenges. By working efficiently, we want to make bioplastic very accessible to create a win-win situation in order to the future.

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