Bioplastic | Compostable

BioHart is one of the first Dutch suppliers of compostable products, and has been specializing in the design and manufacture of compostable materials as a replacement for conventional and environmentally harmful materials since 2008.

BioHart develops compostable plastic that can overcome all the adverse effects of conventional plastic. All of BioHart’s products are manufactured from environmentally-sound, renewable raw materials, including maize. The packaging is also 100% compostable, making it easy to dispose of in the organic waste container. In short, using the environmentally-friendly packaging produced by BioHart could be your way of helping to improve the climate both now and in the future.

What makes our bioplastic so special?

The difference between BioHart’s production methods and those of other companies is that we use as many natural raw materials as possible, thereby keeping additives to a minimum.

The main challenge is to retain the valuable properties that make existing (non-compostable) products so useful. The expertise accrued at BioHart makes it possible to replace current products with 100% compostable products of the same strength, weight, colour, barrier requirements etc. This is where most other suppliers fall short of the mark. BioHart can usually offer complete solutions, including labels (also in colour) for product description etc. Advanced techniques and technological developments mean that BioHart is currently leading the field and will continue to strive for innovation and the solutions demanded by today’s society.

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